Station Defence Operations Department

Information about Station Defence Operations

This department blends a number of departments under one banner and one chain of command

These departments are listed below

Security Tactical JAG Strategic Operations SCIS

Station Defence Operations Department
o-o5.pngChief SDO Officer Kalissa Kyler Kalthumb.jpg
o-o4.pngAssistant Chief security Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg o-o4.pngAssistant Chief Tactical Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
o-o4.pngStrategic Operations Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg o-o4.pngJAG Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
o-o5.pngSCIS CO Luke Jameson Luke.jpg o-o4.pngSCIS XO Kor’eth Koreth.jpg
o-o3.pngForensic Investigator Jason Edwards Jason.jpg o-o3.pngComputer Expert Summer Howard summer.jpg
o-o2.pngForensic Tech Greg Jackson Greg.jpg o-o2.pngPilot Kylie Morgan Kylie.jpg
o-o4.pngStarfighter ‘Prometheus Wing’ Commanding Officer Available.jpg NoPic.jpg o-o3.pngStarfighter‘Prometheus Wing’ XO Available.jpg NoPic.jpg
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