Station Deck Listing

Deck Listing

As the station is so big we have split the deck listings into their areas. Enjoy

1. Alpha Pod: Central Command Pod
2. Beta Pod: Station Personnel Living Quarters
3. Omega Pod : Marine and Starfighter Counties
4. Lambada Pod : Diplomatic Pod
5. Zeta Pod : Civilian Personnel Living Quarters
6. Kappa Pod : Medical Pod
7. Gamma Pod : Entertainment Pod
8. Delta Pod : Science Pod
9. Sigma Arm: Visiting Crew Quarters(Links Alpha and Lambada Pods)
10. Eta Arm: Starship Repair Facilities (Links Alpha and Omega Pods)
11. Epsilon Arm : Starship Repair Facilities (Links Alpha and Beta Pods)
12. Phi Arm: Intelligence Department(Links Alpha and Zeta Pods)
13. Theta Arm : VIP Quarters (Links Alpha and Delta Pods)
14. Rho Arm : Starfleet Academy Campus “Freedom Base” (Links Alpha and Kappa Pods)
15. Samek Arm : Visiting Crew Quarters (Links Alpha and Gamma Pods)

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