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The year is 2385, and three years after Starbase Pegasus was destroyed and the wormhole closed for good. At least that is what Starfleet thought. While testing a new technology onboard the USS Cheyenne, a rift was once again opened to the Pegasus galaxy, thirty two ships came out of the rift and attacked Starbase 342 and the fleet stationed at it. The fleet numbered at a total of 12 were quickly taken care of and the station soon followed.
Weeks later, after starfleet along with the klingons help, took care of the remaining enemy in the galaxy, they call call up one person. With the Ships being recognised as the same ones from the Pegasus Galaxy, Jessica and her former XO were called in to go and investigate the other side.

What they found on the other side was not what they had expected, what was once seemed to be peaceful, with the exception of the one race, was now in utter chaos. The reason, when leaving the Pegasus starbase, the self destruct was not completed, and the Hostile aliens were able to gather all the information that was on the computer, technologies, weapons, and everything that the prime directives forbids in the constitution of the Federation.

While exploring and steering clear of any hostile fleets and what not, some of which seemed to be designed basically on federation ships, Galaxy, intrepid, and the older types, with visible differences. They were met by a different race, one that was peaceful and had one time been part of a great union that held power in that part of the pegasus galaxy for over a millennia. Three years ago it became known as the Shattered Union.

Jessica feeling responsible offered the federations help to them, in restoring peace to the area, graciously accepting the help, they offer the station later dubbed, Freedom station as a base and HQ.


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