Sienna Atermis Returyl

Lt Cmdr Sienna Returyl, Starfighter Commander, Prometheus Wing

Basic Information:
Name: Sienna Returyl
Call Sign: Artemis
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned
Measurements: 34B-26-34
Age: 29
Date Of Birth: March 5, 2356
Place of Birth: South Bronx, New York City, Earth
Interests: flying, martial arts, ice hockey, singing, drawing, acting, modelling (with and without clothes), socialising, drinking, cooking, navigation & maps, orienteering, swimming, gymnastics, yoga, surfing, sunbathing, tinkering
Languages: Standard, Spanish
- Standard Schooling, NYC, Earth
- Various acting classes
- Starfleet Academy, 4 years (major in flight, minor in engineering)
- Starfleet Advanced Starfighter School, 6 months
Skills: piloting certification (all classes), Wing Chun (Si-fu master level), fighter maintenance technician

Starfleet Record:
2376-2379: Starfleet Academy
2379-2380: Starfleet Starfighter Flight SWchool
2380-2381: USS Venice, Starfighter pilot
2381: Starfleet Advanced Starfighter Flight School
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2381-2383: USS Venice, assistant starfighter commander/pilot
2383-2384: USS Wellington, assistant starfighter commander/pilot
2384-2384: Starbase 342, assistant starfighter commander of Prometheus Wing
Lieutenant Commander
2385: Starbase Freedom, Starfighter Commander of Prometheus Wing

- Pilot's Wings
- Bronze Star

- a number of un-officer conduct ones during Academy
- a couple of excessive force ones during Academy
- a number of incidents for using Wing Chun against fellow officers (various reasons)

General History:
Sienna was born in the poor neighbourhood of Highbridge in South Bronx, New York City, as the third child. Her father ran a small grocery store which they lived above, while her mother worked as a teacher in one of the poorer secondary schools. Her oldest brother, Derek, was about six years older then her, and her other brother, Patrick, was four years older. By the time of Sienna's 6th birthday, her family had grown to give her seven brothers in total - Matthew, Tim, Andrew, James and Mark. It was this fact that pretty much turned her into a tomboy, and she held her own very well with her brothers. Living in that area of NYC meant that her childhood was quite rough, but she learnt to cope and protect herself.
Sienna and her brothers went to one of the Highbridge primary schools before moving to the same school where their mother worked after completing that. Overall, Sienna's marks were average in class-room work, although very good for sport and drama.
Her parents enrolled her in a martial arts program of Wing Chun at a local YMCA, and she started gymnastics & ice hockey too. She found that ice hockey was a wonderful way to burn off energy and aggression, gaining the nickname of Nutcracker. She also started doing acting in plays at her school, and had a wonderful singing voice.
It was this that would lead her to run away from home at 18 and headed to Los Angeles to pursue what she thought she wanted to do with her life - modelling & acting. She got there and found it would be much harder. Her older brothers tried to track her down, but didn't succeed.
Using up her saved money fast, she managed to get a job as a waitress in a strip bar and crash each night in a small dingy room above the bar on a mattress. It didn't really pay much and eventually, she was convinced to do some clothed dancing. After a few weeks, she progressed into more exotic dancing. During this time, she took up a number of hobbies - surfing, sunbathing and yoga. Sometimes, she would manage to get temp jobs as a escort at a local escort agency.
She continued for a couple of months before she was noticed by an agent. Making up a profile, she began to get some minor modelling stuff while she took a few acting classes that her agent arranged. That helped her find a small place and move out of having to do stripping or waitressing.
The modelling started out okay, but she realised that as it went on, it was tending to become skimpier and skimpier. The acting was pretty basic sort of 'damsel in distress' roles without much substance to them, but they tended to pay the bills enough for her to save a little. Eventually, her oldest brother, Derek, managed to track her down and after a quite heated argument, he accepted what she was doing and helped her in any way he could.
Before she really knew it though, both jobs had become quite sexual in nature involving bondage and some nudity - heading right back towards the stuff at the strip bar. When she started getting roles that involved sex, she was saddened, but hoped it would lead to other things soon.
However, when she ended up getting a black eye later after the finish of one session due to a fight with a male co-star who wouldn't take no for an answer, she quit right away as she realised that she wasn't going to make it, having wasted 2 years on her now-shattered dream. It was around then that she decided to give up trying to get into acting.
Leaving Los Angeles and heading back to New York City in 2375 with Derek's help, she made up with her parents and went back to working in the shop. She also entered a job placement program, trying to do something with her life. One day a few months later, one of the placement officers suggested that she apply to Starfleet, which she did after realising it could be what she wanted out of life.
Heading to San Francisco after being accepted, she was placed into a major of Flight and a minor in Engineering due to results of placement tests. She did very well in practical and managed to cope enough with the theory sections. Because of her skill in smaller vessels, she was assigned as a starfighter pilot. During her Academy years, she had a number of reprimands for un-officer behaviour, including drunkenness and being caught in compromising situations with others. There was a small scandal when her LA activities were discovered, but she was allowed to stay.
After graduation, she was assigned to the USS Venice, a Sovereign-class vessel that was modified to work as a starfighter launch platform. One of the things that stood out about her was that she helped keep her fighter in tip-top condition, and had a knack of being able to push it further then others could. Her quite aggressive combat flying and obviously excellent aim led her to rapidly gain the call-sign of Artemis - something which she took amusement with. After a year, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG and sent to for extra training at Starfleet's Advanced Starfighter School, which she aced.
Returning to the USS Venice, she found that her commander had selected her to become assistant commander due to her skill, despite higher ranked candidates. Despite the normal egos, there wasn't any complaints.
It was a year later when the USS Venice was selected to transfer a high-ranked Admiral as ambassador to a world that was being ravaged by civil war. Sienna was selected as pilot and during the landing, the runabout was attacked and crashed.
The mission commander died in the crash, and the admiral was unable to take command due to head injuries, so Sienna took charge. She lead them through a very harsh battle zone with only one more death before they were rescued. She was given the Bronze Star medal for her actions.
Rising up in rank over the next few years in a number of vessels, she was finally assigned to Starbase 342 as a fighter pilot, being promoted to commander of Prometheus Wing recently after it was renamed to Starbase Freedom.

Personality Profile:
Sienna is uninhibited, outgoing and speaks her mind even when she shouldn't. She isn't shy and is pretty much still a tomboy.
Off-duty, Sienna likes drinking and socialising with friends. She enjoys playing with her dog, and uses the holodeck for orienteering & water-based activities. She also likes playing ice-hockey. Sienna runs a series of Wing Chun classes for anyone interested.
Sienna is quite a good cook, and enjoys spicy food. She drinks socially, and has quite a high tolerance.
She tends to be eccentric in most ways, and doesn't care what people think of her.
Sienna carries around some crayons and paper rolled up in a boot, and often can be found doing improvised sketches. She also thinks that Starfleet Quartermasters Office is moronic for not including something as simple as a pocket in Starfleet duty uniforms. Luckily for her, starfighter ones normally come with pockets and pouches, so she tends to wear one of them when she can get away with it - which isn't that often.
In her private life, she is open to most things with anyone, and is definitely bisexual. Before joining Starfleet, she spent a few years in a modelling career before leaving to do more with her life.
As a boss, she demands a high standard from everyone under her, and she will not tolerate slackers. She may come off as a harsh taskmaster.

Physical Profile:
Sienna has brown hair that she keeps so it doesn't go below her neck. She used to let it grow longer and sometimes dyed it blonde while modelling, but doesn't these days.
She can be characterized by easy flexibility and grace, and is very attractive. Sienna finds it amusing that her Starfleet uniform is so figure-hugging.
Due to her hobbies of martial arts, gymnastics, surfing, swimming, yoga and dancing, she has a well-toned lean body.

Family Information:
Father - Jack Returyl, shopkeeper in South Bronx
Mother - Janette Returyl, school teacher
Brothers - Derek (35) - Marine, Patrick (33) - defense lawyer, Matthew (28) - gridiron player, Tim (27) - historian, Andrew (27) - architect, James (25) - doctor, Mark (23) - police officer

Special Notes:
Sienna is a skilled artist with drawing, and her preferred medium is crayons.
When Starfighter Corps is not needed for base defense or training, Sienna also performs duties under Flight Control, which normally means 'glorified shuttle pilot', or Engineering as a general technician.
She has a pet Collie named Boxer.

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