Seraphym Fitzroy

Lady Seraphym FitzRoy

Basic Information:

Name: Seraphym Jasmine FitzRoy

Nickname: Sera

Race: Betazoid-Vulcan-Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5f7

Weight: 110lbs

Date of Birth: 3rd March 2366

Age: 19

Place of Birth: USS Trident

Interests: Reading, Horse riding, Chess, puzzles

Languages: Vulcan, Betazoid, Federation Standard

Education: General Education on the USS Trident and on the USS Montana A, then Completion of High School Diploma on the “Stars Venture”


General History:

Seraphym was the result of a one night stand between T’Lar of Vulcan and Eric FitzRoy on the USS Trident. Eric’s parents, who were in the upper class of British society refused to allow their grandchild to be born a bastard and with T’Lar’s parents, forced the pair to marry. Seraphym was born after 10 months. But neither her parents wanted to name her. So her paternal grandfather named her Seraphym Jasmine FitzRoy. Eric and T’Lar did not wish to raise their daughter and tried to send her to earth, but Eric’s family refused, and they refused to allow T’Lar to divorce Eric. So both took their own lovers and basically left Sera to a nanny.

When Sera, was 5, Eric lost his long time girlfriend and spent
a lot of time at home. He dismissed the nanny when he realized that
his child was scared of him. He began to drink a lot and young Seraphym
could not do anything right. The abuse started when she was 5 and a half.
For the next ten years Eric beat her for supposed transgressions and her
mother basically ignored both of them. T’lar took lovers for her Pon farr
and Eric ignored his wife. When Sera, was 10, her father began to
sexually abuse her. Unable to control his drinking Eric lost all contact
with his wife and Sera, was not, allowed any friends at all. He home-schooled
her and worked hard at his job to allay suspicion of his activities. It was until
the family transferred to the USS Montana that the abuse came to the fore.
On the Montana, Sera had to go to normal school and the captain ordered all
crew and civilians over the age of 12 into mandatory counseling, and a counselor
named Stephanie Argelian found out about the abuse along with the Chief of
Security/tactical. The CMO found Sera was pregnant with her father’s child at
the age of 15.5. She lost the child because of his beatings.

Her parents were brigged but both escaped, and their current whereabouts are unknown. Her future was still being decided. None of her parents family wants her and even though Juliet and Thomas want to adopt her it had not yet gone through. When in 2383, the adoption was completely canceled, Seraphym was sent to an orphanage on Vulcan. She left the orphanage mere days after arrival, sneaking out of the dormitory windows. She took all her belongings, which at that time fit into a lone duffle bag and headed to the space port and after lying about her age, Seraphym got a job on a freighter. On the freighter she worked as a cook and general gofer due to her lack of experience and any sort of degree.

A few months into her employment, the crew was visiting Betazed where Missing posters of missing children were being circulated. Seraphym’s among them. When the wife of the captain found out she was only 16, she made Sera go back to school but After a lot of cajoling and explaining the situation to the captain and his wife, Sera was allowed to remain on the freighter and work to wards completing her high school degree. At 18, she had grown up and matured into a stronger young woman, so she left her job and went to Earth to find David Alexander, her one time boyfriend from the USS Montana. She had been wanting to find him since she had escaped the orphanage but had not been able to as the freighter never went to Earth in the 2 years she worked on it. She had completed her High school education and had enough money to buy a passage to Earth. She went to Earth hoping to find David at Starfleet Academy. But he was not there, already on his way to his cadet cruise and to another Campus to undertake advanced courses.

Determined to follow at least to show him what she had become,
Seraphym knew she needed money. She approached a lawyer and sued
her parents and grandparents. As her parents were still in hiding, her
paternal and Maternal grandparents found themselves embroiled in a
lawsuit. Seraphym charged them with neglect, and endangering a Minor.
The judge agreed with Seraphym and her lawyer and ruled that Seraphym
would received the largest settlement available. This included the family
estate in Rural England. Her parents were charged in abstention with neglect
and her father with constant sexual abuse. IF they are ever found, they will
be arrested and brought to justice. With the granting of the FitzRoy Estate to
Seraphym, her paternal family left Earth to location unknown. She inherited
the title and lands when they did so. Though not the eldest of the FitzRoy
grandchildren, she now holds the estate and it has made the family mad.
Ignoring that, She brought a small personal shuttle, organized for her lawyer
to oversee the estate and went to Starfleet Command. She learned the destination
of David Alexander, now Senior Cadet. She left for the Pegasus Galaxy the next day.

What she plans to do when she gets there she has still not decided but she is looking forward to seeing her one friend. She just hopes he remembers her.

After her arrival, Sera moved in with David Alexander and they have been dating since. She has applied to the Pegasus academy and is a first year cadet there in sciences.

Personality Profile:

Sera, is a quite person. She barely looks people in the eye and only speaks when spoken to. She has the mental abilities of Betazoid’s and Vulcan’s and is extremely intuitive to others emotions. As she has grown up, she has become more outgoing and has slowly been able to look people in the eyes but still has trouble if she does not know the person very well or if something about them makes her nervous.

Physical Profile:

Height: 5f7
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Skin Tone: Pale/tanned

Psychological Profile:

Abused since she was young, Seraphym is very fragile and quiet. She has grown into a stronger woman, and is determined to live her life without the shadow of abuse hanging over her.

Family Information:

Boyfriend: David Alexander

Mother: T’Lar of Vulcan (Missing but Wanted for crimes)
Father: Eric Giles FitzRoy (Missing but Wanted for crimes)

Maternal family:

Grandfather: Serik
Grandmother: Alanna of Betazed
Uncle: Tolak, Twin of T’Lar
Aunt: Valris Wife of Tolak
Cousins: T’Pau, child of Tolak and Valris, aged 22 (female)
Tarus, Child of Tolak and Valris, aged 23 (male)

Paternal Family:

Grandfather: William FitzRoy
Grandmother: Susan FitzRoy
Aunts: Michelle FitzRoy-Sumner
Clarissa FitzRoy
Uncles: Andrew Sumner
George FitzRoy
Cousins: Ellena Sumner, aged 17, Female
Miles Sumner, aged 21, Male
Julian FitzRoy, aged 22, Male
Alanna FitzRoy, aged 19, female

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