Rho Arm

Rho Arm-Starfleet Academy Campus “Freedom Base”

Deck Description – Each Deck as 5 Inter-Station Transporters and 3 banks of 50 escape pods
1-50 Cadet Cabins, Academy Instructor Living Quarters, Messhalls, Academy Dean’s Cabin and Office, Academy Administration Offices.
51-100 Security Training Classrooms, Tactical Simulators, Holodecks, Tactical Training Classrooms
101-150 Medical and Counseling School. Medical training Suites, Holodecks Alpha and Kappa Pods Entry
151-200 Science Training School, Intelligence Training School, Holodecks, Operations School, Engineering Section
201-250 Engineering Training Classrooms, Holodecks, Flight Control Classrooms and Flight Simulators. Rho Arm Shuttlebay
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