Kappa Pod

Kappa Pod: Medical Pod

Deck Description – Each Deck as 5 Inter-Station Transporters and 3 banks of 50 escape pods
1 Chief Medical Officers Office, Assistant Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Medical Conference Room,
2 Primary SickBay, Medical Labs 1-10, Surgical Wards 1-5, and ICU wards 1-5
3-10 Bio-Hazard Research Labs, Stasis Units 1-10, Triage Wards 1-15
11-100 Medical Equipment Storage, Supply Storage, Medical Holodecks, Decontamination Chambers 1-12
101-150 Long Term Patient Care Wards, Pediatrics , Null-Gravity Treatment Wards 1-20
151 Secondary Sick Bay Medical Labs 11-21, Surgical Wards 6-11 and ICU wards 6-10
152-300 Medical Labs 22-60 , Medical Holodecks, 20 Radiation Treatment Wards, 15 Isolations Suites Rho Arm Entry
301-700 Medical Training facilities, Including a 5 Deck area, complete with holo emitters to allow for training exercises
700-701 Medical Docking Bay, and Emergency Medical Shuttle Storage
702-1000 Surgical Wards 12-20, ICU wards 11-20, Decontamination Chambers 13-20, Medical Equipment Storage, Supply Storage
1001-1099 Chief Counselor’s Office, Counseling Department Offices, Receptionist On each level.
1100-1200 Long Term Counseling Patient Care Wards
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