Delta Pod

Delta Pod,- Science 1200 Decks

Deck Description – Each Deck as 5 Inter-Station Transporters and 3 banks of 50 escape pods
1-4 Astrometrics Observation Area, And Astrometrics Labs 1-10
5-10 Science Labs, Chief Science Officer’ Office, Assistant Chief Science Officer’s Office
11-20 Science Labs, Quarantine Labs, 12 Stellar Cartography Labs, 17 Stellar and Planetary Physics and Astronomy Labs,
21-100 14 Cognitive Psychology Offices and Labs, 5 Developmental Psychology Offices, 10 Social Psychology Labs, 15 Ecology Labs, Head Ecologist’s office, 12 Evolutionary Biology Labs and Head Biologist’s office, 10 Humanoid Biology Labs, 15 Microbiology Labs
100-250 Head Agriculturalists Office and 20 Agricultural Sciences Labs, Head Anthropologist’s Office, 10 Anthropology Labs, 10 Social-Cultural Anthropology Offices and Labs, Head of History Sciences Office, 10 History Offices and Library, Linguistic Anthropology Labs, Head of Archaeology’s Office, Archaeology Library and Labs, 5 Biological Anthropology Labs, Head of Biological Anthropology’s office, 5 Biopsychology Labs, Head of Biopsychology Labs, 6 Clinical Psychology Offices and Labs
251-500 Head Botanist’s Office, 10 Zoology Labs, Head Zoologist’s office, 17 Molecular Biology Labs, 16 Inorganic Chemistry Labs, Head Of Chemistry’s Office, 25 Organic Chemistry Labs, 10 Radiochemistry Labs, 12 Physical Chemistry Labs, Delta Pod Shuttlebay
501-550 Science Holodecks and a 6 deck Arboretum and Greenhouse
551-650 15 Sedimentology Labs and Offices, 10 Climatology and Meteorology Labs, 24 Nebular Astronomy and Physics Labs,5 Galactic Astronomy and Physics Labs, 5 Cosmology Labs, 15 Quantum, Atomic and Subatomic Physics Labs, 5 Dynamics Labs, 10 Subspace Astronomy and Physics Labs and Offices, 25 Other Advanced Physics (String Theory, Multidimensional Physics, Temporal Physics) Labs and Offices
651-700 Head Exopsychologist’s office 12 Exopsychology Labs, Theta Arm Entry ,Engineering Section
701-800 15Computer Sciences Labs and Offices, 36 Cryogenics Labs, 100 Cryonic Storage area, Sample Storage
801-900 15 Genitronics Labs, Metallurgical scientist’s Office and Lab, Head Micropaleontologist’s Office 13 Micropaleontology Labs, 17 Neurogenics Labs and Offices
901-950 10, Orbital ergonomics Labs and Offices, Head Paleontologist’s office, 20 Paleontology Labs and Offices, 17 Physiognomy Labs and Offices, Head Thanatologist’s Office, 10 Thanatology Labs and Offices
951-999 10 Geophysics and Seismology Labs and Offices, 15 Geochemistry Labs and Offices, 20 Mineralogy Labs and Offices, 12 Structural Geology Labs and Offices, 15 Hydrology Labs and Offices, 20 Geomorphology Labs and Offices
1000-1200 Research and Development Area. Authorized Personnel Only.
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