Alpha Pod

Alpha Pod- Central Command Pod

Deck Description – Each Deck as 5 Inter-Station Transporters and 3 banks of 50 escape pods
1-10 Command Level Sensor & communications array, equipment storage & maintenance, Main Communications, Chief Communication Officer's Office, Primary Signal Maintenance Computer, Primary Signal Compositors, Primary Communications Array, Upper Sensor Array
11 Starbase Command Level Main Operations(the command center for the entire starbase) This area is a three level area with the main entrance on Deck 11, Starbase Commander's office, Command-level Offices, transporter Room 1, Control rooms for starship traffic, communications traffic, sensor reception & analysis. Quartermaster's Office, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Upper)
12 Senior Officers' Conference Room, Observation Areas, Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Upper), Main Sensor Maintenance
13-35 Force Command Level Combat Information Center (Central Command Center for the entire Task Force - controls and monitors all sector-wide operations), Flag offices, Flag staff offices and facilities, Situation Room (Full briefing facility for mission command staff) Level 21 contains a dedicated Auxiliary Fusion Reactor for Main Ops.
36 Command Level Auxiliary Computer Core., Primary Shield Generators (Upper), Propulsion Fusion Reactors 1-3
37-40 Command Level Upper Sensor Grids. (There are three other grids on the starbase. They are located on level 125, 365 and 575). The grids are interconnected, and channel information into the Main Computer Core. Phaser Cannon 1
41-70 Offices, mess, observation rooms, conference rooms, Holodecks, living facilities, entertainment facilities, Theta Arm Entry
71-100 Supply Decks, Samek Arm Entry Propulsion Fusion Reactors 4-6
101-199 Station Defence Operations Department: Main Holding Facility (including holding cells adaptable to class D, H, L, M, N, P environments), maximum of 200 cells, SDOD’s Chief’s Office, Rho Arm Entry, Offices, mess, Observation rooms, Judge Advocate General's Corps, Courtrooms, Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service offices and Labs, Launch Bay for Prometheus Wing, Docking area for Prometheus Wing, Tactical Offices, Security offices, Station Defence Operations Briefing Room-Bi-Level
200-220 Secondary Ops Level Observation rooms, conference rooms, Epsilon Arm Entry and Eta Arm Entry
221-300 Secondary Ops Level Secondary Operations Center and Secondary sensor grid, administrative Offices. Personnel Services. Civilian Directors' Administrative Offices, Torpedo Storage
301-333 Secondary Ops Level Upper Phaser ring, Phaser Support System, Transporter Rooms 2-13, Aid station.
334-350 Upper Stabilizing Engines, Upper Maneuvering Thrusters, Command Level Fusion Reactors 1 & 2, Reactant Storage, Command Level Main Power Distribution Network
350-399 Security Offices and Security Training Holodecks 1-16 (Reserved by CO or Designated Training Representative.), Torpedo Storage 2
400-450 Engineering Decks- Engineering Level Primary Deuterium Fuel Storage, Engineering Level Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports. Engineering Level Secondary Deuterium Fuel Storage Engineering Level Matter Reactant Injectors. MRI (6) Engineering Level Magnetic Constriction Segments. MCS (6)
451 Engineering Level Emergency Trauma Center (10 bed) Due to the distance from other medical facilities, this center is used for the stabilization of injured engineering personnel for transport to the Main Hospital. Uses several Emergency Medical Programs. Engineering Level Main Engineering, 3 MARA-MAX-X starbase power stations. Emergency Transporters, Weapons Storage,
452-500 Engineering Level Chief Engineer's Office. Secondary Engineering. Engineering Level Antimatter Injection Reactor. Engineering Level Magnetic Constriction Segments. Engineering Level Impulse Engines (2, Not visible from Exterior) Antimatter Reactant Injectors. ARI (6) Engineering Level Antimatter Storage Pods. Navigation computer and systems. Fusion Reactors.
500-600 Engineering Level Maintenance. Matter Replicator Systems (inorganic) and waste recycling. Engineering Level Tractor Beam control Center. Engineering Level Life Support Systems. Auxiliary Fusion Reactor. (Dedicated Life Support), Emergency Batteries. Power Distribution. Torpedo Storage 3
601-700 Space dock Level External Docking Ports. Combat Systems Level Torpedo Storage Areas, Torpedo Firing Units. Combat Systems Level Battle Center I. Designated as BC1. This Battle Center is responsible for the control of Torpedo firing in an extreme emergency. Otherwise control defaults to Main Ops. There is also a small weapons room on these levels. Combat Systems Level Training Holodecks 1-16 (Reserved by CO or designated training representative)
701 Combat Systems Level Weapon Storage Area. These rooms have a Security and Marines detail on watch at all times. Weapons Master Office. Emergency Transporters, Weapons Storage, Auxiliary Environmental Control
702-800 Computer Core Level Primary Computer Core, control rooms, maintenance rooms, Supply storage. Combat Systems Level Lower Phaser support systems. Engineering Level Auxiliary Fusion Reactor (Dedicated Phaser Systems). Phaser Cannon 2
801-835 Cargo Level Secondary Cargo Bays / long term storage(1-19). Cargo Level Emergency Shuttle Bays. Since this is not a very large area, assume that this area can hold at most 3 Shuttles at one time., Public Replimat,
836 Cargo Level Lower Sensor Grids. Cargo Level Transporter Rooms 1-25. Cargo Bays 1-50
837-850 Internal Docking facilities
851-900 Long Term Storage Bays(20-30) , external starship clamps, exterior repair facilities,
901 Communications Level Subspace Antennas, Auxiliary sensor array, Sigma Arm Entry
902-950 Cargo Level Transporter Rooms 26-38. Cargo Bays 51-70
951-1000 Shuttlebays 1-30, Space dock Level Interior docking ports 1 through 20 around the main hub. 4 main space gates. Interior hub contains flight control, docking control, supply command, security offices Torpedo Storage 4
1001-1499 Space dock Level Probe Launching Facilities, Probe Storage Area, Probe Laboratories. Space dock Level Fighter Control - SCC (Strategic Command Center) This center controls the flight patterns of shuttles, interceptors and fighters. It is responsible for the safe space-traffic in times of emergency around the starbase.
1500-1600 Combat Systems Level Battle Center II. Designated as BC2. This Battle Center is responsible for the lower Phaser systems in cases of extreme emergency. Otherwise control defaults to Main Ops, Phi Arm Entry Combat Systems Level Lower Phaser ring, Phaser Cannon 3
1601-1700 Space dock Level Primary Fighter Hangars, Pilot Briefing Rooms, Pilot Ready Rooms and Lockers.
1701-1750 Space dock Level Secondary Fighter Hangars, Pilot Ready Rooms and Lockers, Cargo Level Emergency Fighter Hangar
1750-1800 Secondary Ops Level Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Offices, mess, observation rooms, conference rooms.
1801-1850 Fighter storage and Maintenance Bays, Maintenance Level Maintenance Command Offices, Sensor Grids.
1851-1900 Auxiliary Engineering Storage, Auxiliary Sensors, Storage Area’s, Cargo Bays 71-100 Maintenance Level Shuttle and runabout repair bays
1901-2000 Auxiliary Engineering Storage, Auxiliary Sensors, Storage Area’s, Industrial Replicators
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